As the weather along the Wasatch Front starts to warm up and spring cleaning begins, don’t forget to check on the health of your heating and cooling system. Here are six tips to help get your air conditioner ready for summer.

Check for Any Damage

The easiest thing you can do to see if your air conditioning will be ready for summer is to simply check your outside unit for any winter damage. Do the following with the unit running:

  • Listen for any alarming or unusual sounds
  • Smell for any unusual or foul odors
  • Look for any discharge coming from the unit, including where the copper piping from your home connects to the air conditioner
  • Clean the area around your air conditioner to ensure that it has proper airflow around the entire unit

Change Your Air Filter

One of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible is to simply change your air filter. A clean air filter will improve air flow through your ducting and can help trap allergens and dust particles that are no longer being caught by your dirty air filter.

Assess Your Thermostat Function

Your thermostat controls your air conditioner and tells it when to heat and cool your house. Be sure you’ve adjusted your thermostat for your preferred spring and summer settings. Many new thermostats will allow you to set a range of temperatures, which will allow you to heat your home on the chilly spring mornings and cool your home when things begin to get hot in the afternoons. If you’d be interested in upgrading your thermostat, give the experts at Blue Best Heating & Air a call to discuss your options.

Consider Having a Tune-Up Done

A good practice to ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling system is to have it regularly serviced by a technician. Check out our blog here for a list of what you can expect when you are schedule the services of AC Tune-up in Salt Lake City performed by a Blue Best Heating & Air technician.

Assess the Age and Performance of Your Air Conditioner

Another thing you should consider is the age and performance of your air conditioner. How old is your unit and how well does it cool your home? Like most things, technology has greatly improved the efficiency and performance of air conditioners. If you have an older unit and it just isn’t keeping up, contact the experts at Blue Best Heating & Air to discuss whether an upgrade is right for you. We can also discuss some other options that may be less expensive than purchasing a new unit but still provide you with the comfort you deserve.

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