As winter approaches, Farmington, Utah, is awaiting a cold Christmas. However, for new homeowners in Farmington, what kind of heating system to pick for their homes leaves a big question mark. Each available kind has its pros and cons, and it is necessary to evaluate both before making a decision.

To Help All You New Farmington Residents Out there:

we’ve compiled a list of five various heating systems you can place in Farmington, Utah, to beat the cold this winter season.

1. Furnaces

Furnaces are the go-to choice for heating for most American households. They work with the help of a duct network that goes through the walls of your home, and the furnaces blow heated air through the ducts into the air vents that open up in each room. It is versatile because you can use power furnaces with natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil.

Some of the benefits of picking furnaces for heating your home are increased energy efficiency and low servicing costs. Not to mention, it is incredibly effective at providing quick heating to the entire home. Plus, if your home comes with a duct system already installed, look no further: a furnace heating system is an excellent choice for you!

2. Heat pumps

Heat pumps are suitable for both cold and moderately cold weather. This works like a refrigerator by extracting heat from the surrounding atmosphere using refrigerants and electric power and moving air from one place to another.

Heat pumps have the added advantage of working with or without ducts making them highly versatile and convenient. They also require low maintenance, have fewer carbon emissions, and are a lot safer than combustible systems like furnaces.

3. Portable Heaters

Portable heaters work either by circulating air within a room by convection or by radiating heat. They are great for smaller properties with minimal heating needs as they are cost-effective, have no installation cost, and are easy to handle. They would also make excellent supplementary heating to your existing heating system.

Portable heaters would make the perfect choice for students or young adults who live in single rooms or apartments as they can take care of their heating needs without requiring too much financial investment.

4. Electric Heating

Electric heating is safe to use, does not require ductwork, is efficient, and does not affect the air quality. However, the big caveat of electric heating systems is that they are expensive to buy and run as they consume a lot of power. So you should only go for electric heating systems if the cost of installing ductwork is too high.

5. Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-split systems work using a compressor located outside the home connected to air-regulating equipment inside the home interconnecting a mini-split thermostat. They take air from a room via the indoor air-regulating unit and then transport it to the outside via a network of pipes.

The benefits of ductless heating systems are high flexibility and versatility since they can fit into any house room without any ductwork. They are also inexpensive and can improve the air quality of your home.

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