Furnaces are installed to make you warm and healthy by providing heat to your house or workspace through intermediary fluid movement, which may be air or hot water.

A furnace blowing cold air indicates a problem with the air filter, flame detector, gas supply, pilot light, or condensate lines.

Given below are seven reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air:

The preponderance of these problems can be worked on your own by cleaning or replacing parts in the gas furnace.

1. Your Thermostat is Set Incorrectly

Thermostats make our lives so much more comfortable and easy. They’re also the first place you should check if your furnace isn’t functioning correctly. If the furnace in your house is blowing cool air, maybe you set it for the summer and never changed it.

2. The Furnace Filter is Dirty.

Air filters trap soot and residue we produce in our houses that means they need to be changed regularly.

Extremely clogged air filter will limit airflow regulation to your furnace and cause it to overheat and extinguish the pilot light.

If you have an obsolete furnace with a continuous pilot light, the pilot light may have gone out. This could happen from a whiff of air by someone working near the furnace. If you have the know-how and are comfortable doing it, you can independently relight the pilot. If not, call a professional for a furnace repair in Bountiful, UT.

3. Valve Problem.

If the pilot doesn’t light at all, you may have a damaged gas valve: Or, your HVAC unit has not been sanitized in a while, the valve could be stuck due to silt and dirt. Have your unit sanitized and inspected by an HVAC professional.

4. Faulty Thermocouple.

If you manage to relight the pilot light, but it keeps going out, a defective thermocouple is probably causing your furnace to blow cold air. The thermocouple is a sensor that regulates the gas valve and ignition. This is an easy fix, but you’ll need to reach out to a technician to adjust or replace it.

5. Faulty Electronic Ignition.

If you have a furnace with electronic ignition, like a sporadic pilot light or a hot surface ignition, your unit may require adjustments or faulty parts. This issue requires a visit from your HVAC repair expert as soon as possible.

6. Leaking Ducts.

The furnace might be blowing cool air due to hot air circumventing through holes in the ductwork that carries the heat throughout your building. Again, it would help if you had an expert inspect your ducts.

7. Dirty Flame Sensor.

If your system is cycling on and off, you possibly have a grimy flame sensor, an issue that would keep your gas burner from staying lit.

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