Summer is around the corner with blazing heat and unwanted humidity. It is possible to survive the summer heat, but it becomes quite unbearable with humidity. However, with an AC, there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes, an air conditioner system is a modern technology that reduces humidity conveniently. In case of any issues with the dehumidifier, it is best to look for AC service Layton and the surrounding areas.

Does the air conditioner reduce humidity?

One of the common myths about air conditioner systems is that the prime purpose of ac is to provide cool air for required thermostat settings; it is true, but many of us are unaware that your air conditioner can also remove humidity from your house. Hence the AC unit is multitasking. It conditions air and removes humidity from the air.

There is no specific setting that you have to program on your ac unit to regulate humidity. It has a system that is designed to remove humidity without any instructions from the user. Let us understand the process of dehumidification in your air conditioner.

  • Your air conditioning unit has an evaporator coil fixed within its system.
  • The main purpose of this evaporator coil is to evaporate cooling chemicals from a liquid into a gas and absorb heat simultaneously at the same time.
  • You will find a condensate pan located beneath your evaporator coil because of the water vapor.
  • Practically, your air conditioning system consumes the hot air through your home ductwork and operates the cool evaporator coil to remove the moisture from the air.
  • While doing so, it drains and reduces that moisture from your home to release it outside. This is the basic cycle of any air conditioning unit that functions in-house.

Why remove the moisture?

There are two prominent reasons to remove moisture from your house.

  • Health concerns
  • Overall discomfort

Health concerns

Mould, fungus, and bacteria love to grow in humid regions. Such an environment is perfectly suitable for them to grow.

These bacteria and fungi cause various allergic reactions to the surrounding people. The most common allergic reactions observed are sneezing, rash, watery eyes, eye irritation, and coughing. etc

Overall Discomfort

Our body performs a natural mechanism of sweat to cool down, but the sweat that accumulates on your skin reduces evaporation rate during warm and humidity. It becomes tough to concentrate on anything.

Hence, the attempt of your body trying to cool you off falls short in a home with high humidity. This is the main reason to have a properly functioning HVAC system and to look for air conditioner replacement in Kaysville, UT and the surrounding area.

Choose the right size of AC

Select an appropriate size of air conditioner that would provide you with effective air conditioning for removing humidity. An AC system must have sufficient power to run adequate cooling cycles for a required space and regulating humidity. Almost all AC units function as dehumidifiers except for old air conditioners.

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