During warm summer days, you run your air conditioner more than average to beat the heat. If you mention that your AC is not cooling as it used to, the first thing you have to do is to check your air filters. Many people wonder if such simple components cause such high damage.

The answer is yes! A ruthless and plugged air filter can cause severe problems to your air conditioning unit while hindering its performance. With a dirty filter, you even risk the life of your air conditioner. Have regular AC maintenance in Bountiful, UT, and the surrounding area.

The Following Are Some Of The Problems That Arise With Unclean Filters.


The dirty air filter can cause a whole bunch of problems. The first one is a buildup of allergens in your room. When the filter is dirty, it cannot trap allergens effectively. Therefore, all these allergens start to build up in your ductwork.

When you run your air conditioner, the air that circulates will be full of dust, pollen, and even bacteria; as a result, your indoor air quality will drop down. Additionally, you and your family members may even face respiratory problems like sneezing and stuffiness.

No cool air

The clogged air filters will stop the airflow. As a result, the cold air will not be blown out and get stuck inside the system. Over time this cold air will freeze the coils. Once it freezes, your air conditioner will become incapable of working.

There will be some signs specifying the damage before the coils freeze completely. Look for these signs and avoid the damage by immediately calling for AC service in Bountiful, UT,and the surrounding area. These dirty air filters will even cause uneven cooling.


A drop in the performance of your regularity is one of the obvious signs that your system could show. If the air filters are blocked, the system uses more energy to make cool air. You will also see a rise in your electricity bills due to this.

Your air conditioning system might even lose its long life as it works for a long time. There could be severe damage to the internal components due to the overload. An AC service in Bountiful, UT, can effectively treat the problem and save your unit. If left unattended, your system could break down suddenly with severe damages, costing a lot to repair.

Many people do not change their filters because they do not know where they are located or how to change them. This is yet another common reason why there are many repairs for their system. You should have to call a technician for help if you aren’t able to treat the problem.

Additionally, with routine AC maintenance in Bountiful, UT, and the surrounding area. You can forget about the filters as our technicians will take care of them. Contact us at (801) 851-5518 to book an appointment. You can even drop a mail at info@bluebest.com.

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