During the winter months, the requirement for heating services increases considerably. Therefore, every household must take essential steps to improve their heating services before the onset of winters. Following the great furnace in your central heating system with a different, more dynamic design can equal high energy prices. This will also ensure more comfort in the upcoming winter months.

Most modern furnaces use gas as heating fuel. For a different furnace installation in Bountiful, UT, various models are available in the market, with different efficiencies. For most households, however, moderate efficiency furnaces score better than high-efficiency ones.

So What Does a Moderate Efficiency Furnace Mean?

A moderate efficiency natural gas or propane furnace is a unit that possesses an efficiency rating of approximately 80% by AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) standards. When looking for furnace maintenance in Bountiful, UT, there are numerous higher efficiency models available. But it often comes down to the budgeting priorities of the customers along with what their requirements are.

There are various motives for how? a homeowner would choose a moderate efficiency furnace instead of one with a 90% rating by AFUE. Let us now catch a look at any:

  • 1. Current heating bills are reasonable.
  • 2. The owner plans to sell the house shortly and prefers to delay investing in top-of-the-line equipment until residing in their ‘dream home.’ Thus investing in a high-efficiency furnace is not a viable option.
  • 3. The home serves as a rental unit. So the owner holds no desire or motivation to invest in a top-end system, which he will not exclusively use.

Therefore, it is a great approach to spend on moderate efficiency furnaces instead of high-efficiency ones.

What are the Types Of Moderate Efficiency Furnaces Available?

Customers can choose from three kinds of primary moderate efficiency furnaces. They begin with a traditional, basic design moving towards higher levels of comfort, better design, and lower fuel consumption.

Single-Stage 80% AFUE Furnaces –

These are the primary work units in the moderate efficiency range. They include a conventional multi-speed main fan motor, such as many of us are accustomed to, with a single-speed exhaust fan. With a reasonably simple design, these efficient furnaces are very reliable.

Two-Stage, 80% AFUE Furnaces –

As the name suggests, two-stage furnaces provide two levels of heating. Depending upon the weather conditions and requirements, the furnace can automatically switch from ‘low’ to ‘high’ fire option. As a result, these furnaces usually run longer during each heating cycle as compared to single-stage units.

Two-Stage, Variable-Speed, 80% AFUE Furnaces –

These furnaces are on top of the line of moderate efficiency furnaces. They are equipped with two-stage heating having a variable speed fan. Variable-speed furnace blowers turn on at a shallow, negligible speed and slowly go up when the furnace initially turns on. The variable speed furnace utilizes the advanced ECM motors, the most electrically efficient and quietest available.

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