It is common for your air conditioner to run for 15 minutes, on hot summer days, before starting a new cycle. However, if your unit’s cycles last for more than 30 minutes to one hour, the chances are that there is something wrong with your system.

Two main problems arise if your air conditioner runs longer than it should. Firstly it will cause the air conditioner to consume more power as it runs longer. This will make your power bills skyrocket. Secondly, as the unit runs longer, the strain on your air conditioner increases and decreases its lifetime. Have an Air Conditioning Service in Layton, scheduled to get the issue fixed without further ado.

The Following Are Some Of The Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Might Constantly Be Running.

Your Air Conditioner Is Small

If the size of your air conditioner is too small for your home, then it will run longer to keep your room cool. You need to make sure that your air conditioner is the ideal fit for the size of your home. Discuss with your AC contractor before installing the device. As the unit struggles to keep your room cool, you will have to face several air conditioner repairs in Layton because the device wears out quickly.


The average life of an air conditioner is between 10 – 15 years. If your air conditioner has gotten old, the chances are that its efficiency is reduced, and it results in longer cycles. This is because of the inability of various air conditioner components that fail to work efficiently.

Air Leaks In Your Home

When you turn your air conditioner on, you should close all the windows and curtains to prevent the cool air from escaping outdoors. If not, all the cold air produced by your air conditioner will be lost, and your unit will work longer to keep the temperature down. Additionally, the heat from the outdoors can enter, too, if you keep your windows open.

Dirty Cooling Coils

The cooling coils are responsible for removing heat from the air and provide cool air. If these coils are dirty, the air conditioner will work longer and struggle to generate cold air. You might not know how to clean these coils yourself. Call for an air conditioner repair in Layton to have cleaner coils and the surrounding area.

Thermostat Settings

The settings on your thermostat should always be set at a reasonable range. If you set the temperature at the lowest, the unit will work longer to reach the temperature.

Hot Days

If the day is abnormally hot, it is normal for your air conditioner to run longer than normal. Do not be alarmed by the cycle time of your air conditioners on hot days.

However, if there is not much heat outdoors and your air conditioner is still running longer than usual, it is time to schedule an emergency AC repair in Layton, UT, and the surrounding area. If you wish to have any cooling system serviced or replaced, contact us at (801) 851-5518.

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