A summer without cooling devices like air conditioners in Bountiful, UT, is nothing short of uncomfortable. With temperatures reaching 76 degrees Fahrenheit daily and increasing, homeowners depend heavily on AC units.

As a result, utility bills reach an all-time high during this season. Therefore, it is fair to ask if the costs of running something as necessary as an air conditioner need not be so high. This question is simple, and it involves investing in frequent AC service in Bountiful, UT,and the surrounding area.

A typical air conditioner tune-up in North Salt Lake will involve both the homeowner and technicians to keep the unit running for as long as possible. Therefore, six things that a homeowner can do to preserve the efficiency of the unit include:

Efficient use of thermostats

Thermostats can be used to turn off the system or calibrate the temperature to a more efficient temperature. Technicians who carry out Air Conditioner Service in Layton state that the unit is most efficient when the thermostat is calibrated to a 5 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit temperature lower than the external temperature.

Switch to fans

Ceiling fans are a staple in most American homes, especially in older homes. During certain seasons like spring and night, when the temperature is more bearable, it would be advisable to turn the fan on as it requires less energy to function.

Open windows

Another practice that could significantly reduce the use of an AC is opening the windows at night. This is a more plausible option for the areas that have better air quality. The room, in this case, will be cooled when the cold night air blows in. It is also a more natural method of cooling, allowing better circulation of air.

Conduct cookouts

The season of summer is also known for outdoor gatherings and, therefore, cookouts. Events like July 4th or just a family gathering are usually held outdoors on lawns or open spaces.

These cookouts make it possible for an individual to save on utility bills as the AC need not be on when everyone is outside. In addition to this, cooking inside would mean that the heat inside the house increases, requiring the AC to work harder.

Draw blinds

Sunlight that makes its way through open windows in the daytime can also impact the functioning of the AC. The reason being that this sunlight can increase the temperature of the house, making the AC work harder to cool it to the desired temperature. Therefore, drawing the blinds during the day will cool the room.

Conduct tune-ups

Tune-ups or other AC maintenance can help preserve the AC’s optimal functioning. Therefore, the tune-ups will greatly reduce the chances of the AC breaking down.

Using these six ways, a homeowner can ensure that the AC always retains its efficiency and, therefore, does not inflate electricity bills.

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