When the time comes to install a new furnace or air conditioner in your home, you might have a tendency to think that bigger must be better. This is especially true if you’ve been living with a dying unit that has left you either too hot or too cold. This was the thinking for many years, but it has not withstood the test of time.

Before you pick a new furnace or air conditioner for your home along the Wasatch Front, you should consider having an HVAC specialist calculate the “load” required for your home. This calculation is made after considering various factors, including the square footage of your home, its exposure to the sun, and the number of occupants.

If your heating and air conditioning system is too large for your home, it will tend to cycle on and off more frequently. This sounds harmless enough, but mechanical systems—like your heating and air conditioning unit—have a limited number of lifecycles, and turning on and off more often than necessary will cause premature wear and tear.

Your heating and air conditioning system also uses a blower and system of ducts to move air through your home. As the air is recirculated through this system, it tends to equalize the temperature in the different areas of your house. If the heating and cooling system is too large, it will rapidly increase the temperature (if you’re using the furnace) and then turn off. This quick cycle does not allow the blower in your furnace to recirculate the air enough times to equalize the temperature throughout your home. If you have an older home and frequently notice that the basement never seems to warm up, this could be the culprit.

On the other hand, an undersized heating and air conditioning system comes with its own challenges. Homeowners with undersized units usually know it because you are constantly disappointed with feelings of being too hot or too cold. But, you are not the only one suffering. Your undersized unit is overworked and will almost certainly suffer from a premature death or other mechanical failure.

In order to avoid the pitfalls of an under or oversized heating and air conditioning system, contact one of the specialists at Blue Best Plumbing, Heating, Air, Generators. They can be sure your home is equipped with the right unit, which will provide you with the comfort you desire and will help maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your system.

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