Whether you stay near water or in the scorching heat of Utah, you do use a lot of Air Conditioners to stay cool. Regardless of where you stay, if the ice will form outside or even inside your air conditioner during use, then it can cause major issues, so it’s important to understand why ice forms on air conditioners and how to keep yours from freezing up.

First and foremost, if your air conditioner has ice on it, turn it off right then to allow it to defrost as you continue to see if you need to look up for air conditioner repair in Layton, Utah, or AC repair in Kaysville, UT if the issue persists.

Most Common Reasons of Ice in Air Conditioner

There’s a Problem With Your Refrigerant

The component that absorbs heat in your room and transfers it outside is called refrigerant. Vibrations and natural wear – and – tear can cause refrigerant leakage over time. If you don’t have your air conditioner serviced regularly, it may operate less effectively and could even freeze.

How to repair it: Get the refrigerant charge inspected by an expert. If your air conditioning unit is running low on refrigerant, patch the leak immediately.

The evaporator coil is filthy

Since it prevents ventilation through the device, a dirty evaporator coil can allow ice to build on your air conditioner. This essentially means that the air conditioner is suffocating and is unable to keep functioning. A dirty coil will also harm the compressor and induce the AC device to use more power while delivering less cold air.

How to repair it: Replace the air filter in your appliance. If the situation persists, contact a licensed air conditioning repair Layton in Utah, for assistance.

Mechanical malfunction is the root of the problem

Your central air conditioning system will freeze due to broken pipes, a faulty blower fan or fan motor, kinked refrigerant lines, or a clogged drain.to repair it: Get the machine inspected and repaired by a registered HVAC specialist like us in Layton, Utah.

It is much too cold outside

If the outside temperature is below 62℉, air conditioners aren’t designed to be used at that particular temperature, except in the early summer and early autumn, when temperatures will reach the 70s and 80s during the day drop to the 50s overnight. Running Air Conditioner at these times will free the unit and cause ice inside or outside the air conditioner according to its placement and condition.

How to repair it: Turn off the air conditioner and let it cool down.


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