Several homeowners, especially those residing in smaller homes, face the Window Vs. Central Air conditioning dilemma. Many arguments can be made for both types, from better efficiency to cooling time and more.

However, before deciding and opting for an AC replacement Bountiful UT, or other regions in Utah like Layton, one should understand what each type has to offer.

What are window air conditioners and central air conditioners?

These air conditioners are units that contain all the components of an AC in one casing. It is the simplest type of AC and is usually installed in a window. Hence, the name window air conditioners.

The air, in this case, is not taken from one place to another. Rather it is circulated in a single region.

On the other hand, central air conditioners are a more complex type of AC system since the unit’s components are not situated in one place.

What benefits do the central air conditioners offer?

Since central air conditioners are connected to ducts, they are a better option for individuals that reside in larger houses. Although they are slightly more expensive than window AC units, they can cool an entire house with little to no strain.

In addition to this, upgrading from Window ACs to central air conditioning through Emergency AC Repair in Layton, UT, and the surrounding area. Offers the following benefits:

Decreased leakage

The compartments holding the refrigerant are more secure in the central AC units. Thus, the refrigerant will not leak that easily. However, the fluid leaking in Window AC systems is more likely to leak, inhibiting its ability to cool. This may require the services of AC repair in Layton, UT, and the surrounding area.

Less humidity

The central AC functions in a manner that does more than just cool space. A homeowner can benefit from turning on the AC in seasons like the spring to protect themselves from the humidity that is usually present in the air during this time.

This is also the case in the summer when the humidity makes the heat more unbearable than usual. Therefore, it not only regulates the temperature of the room but the moisture as well.

Runs quietly

The window AC units are more likely to make a louder noise while functioning. However, this is generally not the case with central AC units since the cool air is distributed fairly easily through blower motors and ducts. Thus, the unit does not need to function as strenuously as that of a window AC.

Higher SEER rating

Finally, the newer models of central AC units have a higher SEER rating than the window models. Therefore, the central AC systems function objectively more efficiently than window units.

In conclusion, the central AC system has more to offer than a large or multiple room home.

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