Is your furnace not working properly? When the burners fail to stay lit, this is one of the most typical furnace issues. It causes the furnace to start, heat for a few minutes, and then cut off before reaching the desired temperature.

Nothing is more frustrating on a frosty winter day than having your furnace not working. There are several reasons why a furnace burner will not stay Lit. Hence you must never attempt to repair a faulty furnace burner on your own and call experts for furnace service in Layton, UT.

Reasons For a Furnace Malfunction

Here are a few reasons why your furnace won’t turn on and what you can do about it.

Thermostat not working

The furnace thermostat may not remain calibrated, causing the heating system to believe it attained the maximum temperature after only a few minutes of operation. Change the thermostat with a low-cost unit to find out. If the problem disappears, you have found the source of the problem. If this is not the case, replace the thermostat and keep troubleshooting or call technicians for a furnace tune-up in North Salt Lake.

Thermocouple failure

This heat sensor, situated next to the pilot light, plays a crucial part by shutting the gas valve if the pilot light goes out, preventing gas from entering your home. However, a malfunctioning thermocouple may lose the capacity to detect heat from the pilot light, prompting it to close the gas valve randomly.

Examine the pilot light if your heater does not stay on. A faulty thermocouple could be at fault if the pilot light does not stay Lit. You may require the assistance of an expert to inspect and replace the defective component.

Humidification Pan (Full)

Condensate happens by newer condensing heaters and drains into a basin. The pan may begin to fill if the outflow line becomes plugged. When the rising liquid comes into contact with a sensor, the furnace will immediately shut down to prevent the condensate from overflowing over the side.

For this issue, look inside the condensate pan. To unclog a blocked drain, insert a twisted wire hanger. Sending a bleach combination or algaecide treatment down the drain may aid in preventing future obstructions.

The air compressor is not running.

Place your palms over a source register when the furnace gets turned on. If you notice hot air escaping the vent, this indicates that the motor is operating normally.

If not, the engine has lost power for whatever reason, and the furnace has shut down to protect the heat exchanger from overloading. For example, the fan relay could be faulty, or the blower motor-belt could get worn out.

To sum up, we can say that there are numerous reasons your furnace would not stay Lit. Hence it is crucial to contact experts for furnace replacement in Farmington, UT, to identify the principal cause.

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