In the past, furnaces and air conditioning systems dominated the HVAC industry. However, things are quickly changing as homeowners have different options to choose from. A heat pump system is a new innovation that is becoming an increasingly popular option in many homes. The technology used in heat pumps has advanced significantly in recent years. This had made heat pumps more effective, unlike a few decades ago when they could not provide sufficient heating during winter. You can now purchase newer models that can cope with temperatures well below zero.

Typically, a heat pump provides warmth in your house by moving heat from one spot to another. During the cold season, it absorbs warm air from the outside and transfers it indoors to heat your building. The ground source and air source systems are the two most common types of heat pumps. As the cold months roll in, you might wonder if a heat pump is right for your home. Let’s dive into more details about why investing in a heat pump is a wise decision.

1. Maintain Energy Efficiency

One of the most notable advantages of installing a heat pump is the high-efficiency levels it can deliver. Typically, you will rely on a heating source to keep your home warm during the cold seasons. This means you will spend a significant amount of money on heating costs. Fortunately, a heat pump system is more energy efficient than other standard heating devices. This system can help reduce your electricity costs by up to 50%, even when there are frigid temperatures.

Instead of generating heat, heat pumps transfer heat using refrigerant. This makes them more energy efficient because they don’t rely on electrical heating elements or fuel to provide warm air. For instance, using a furnace wastes energy by generating warm air that never gets transferred to your house. Even if you have a top-of-the-line furnace, you will still waste some energy through the ducts. Yet, many heat pumps don’t even need ductwork.

2. Minimal Noise

During winter, you probably spend more time indoors with your loved ones. Investing in a heating system like a heat pump that operates with minimal noise will be an added advantage because there will be fewer distractions. Heat pump systems produce minimal noise because they lack compressors and fans. An air source heat pump has a sound rating of around 40 to 60 decibels, while the ground source system is about 42 decibels. So, if you are considering replacing your old heating unit this winter, you can switch to a less noisy heat pump system.

3. Keep Your Family Safe

Another major reason you should opt for heat pump systems is their high level of safety. Heat pumps use electricity to heat your space, which makes them a safer alternative because there is no combustion process. Also, these heat devices prevent condensation, so there are fewer chances of mold growth around your system. And for homeowners with kids, you don’t have to worry about hot surfaces on heat pumps because they do not get hot while in operation.

However, if you still use a gas furnace, there is a risk of toxic gas leaks that can cause an explosion or fire. Also, note that carbon monoxide leaks can threaten your family’s health. Therefore, investing in a heat pump will go a long way in keeping your loved ones and property safe. You’ll also reduce carbon emissions because this heating device converts energy into heat efficiently. And since heat pumps don’t use fossil fuels, they don’t release toxic fumes into the air. This makes them environmentally friendly.

4. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air can be more polluted than the air outdoors. Unfortunately, these pollutants can lead to ailments such as allergies and asthma. You can boost your home’s indoor air quality by installing a heat pump. Most modern heat pumps can use HEPA filters that help improve the air quality delivered into your home.

Specifically, the air source heat pump system has air filters that can clean and purify the indoor air, eliminating smoke, mold odors, and other harmful particles. This system can come in handy if you have family members who suffer from respiratory issues or other related health concerns. Even when ducted, the air filters in heat pumps are more effective than other heating appliances. On the other hand, conventional heating systems can easily distribute contaminants in your house that are stuck in the ducts.

5. Requires Low Maintenance

Heat pumps are low-maintenance devices. Unlike combustion-based heating systems that require regular maintenance to keep them in proper working condition, you can schedule heat pump tune-up services once per year. All you need to do is ensure your device gets installed by professionals from our team who know the ins and outs of these modern heating systems. This way, your heat pump will live up to your expectations, without any major issues. The minimal maintenance required on heat pumps means you can save more money by lowering the risk of expensive repairs.

We always advise our customers to schedule maintenance at least once annually so we can make sure everything is in good condition. Our experienced technicians can easily catch a problem early enough and sort it out before it becomes a costlier and more inconvenient problem during winter. You can consult our experts on the best time to schedule maintenance to help counteract any wear and tear.

6. Adds Home Value

With more people realizing the numerous benefits you can get from a heat pump, it has become a valuable addition to any house. Therefore, investing in one of these new space-saving and energy-efficient heat pump systems will give you a significant edge in case you decide to sell your house. Besides, home buyers expect to find heating devices in every home they consider buying. Installing a new heat pump system can increase the value of your home by about $10,400 to $17,000.

Your Professional Heat Pump Team

As temperatures continue dropping, you need a reliable and effective heating system that can keep you warm and comfy. Heat pump systems are a worthy investment to take care of your home’s comfort needs during the cold months. Unlike conventional heating units, these modern systems are efficient and less noisy. With a new heat pump, you will save more on electricity costs. Better yet, heat pumps require minimal maintenance and can still last about 20 to 30 years.

Once you are ready to install a heat pump or replace your old heating unit with these modern systems, Blue Best Heating & Air is a call away. We have more than 20 years of experience providing home comfort solutions, so you can trust our team to do the job right. All our technicians are licensed, certified, and routinely trained on the latest industry trends.

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