If you forgot to change your air conditioners filters, you are not alone. Many get busy with our daily life activities and tend to forget to change our AC filters. How often your air conditioner needs new filters depends on a variety of factors. For example, if you have pets, your air filters might go bad quicker than average, and you will need an AC tune-up in Layton, UT, and the surrounding area.

However, the following five signs indicate that your air conditioner’s filters need to be changed :

The Air Conditioner Is Too Hot!

If the back of your air conditioning unit is too hot, it is a clear sign that your air conditioner might need filter replacement. In some cases, you might even see the hot air coming out of your air conditioner’s back.

Clogged filters will not allow your air conditioner to work efficiently and cause a lot of stress on the device. This added stress will decrease the lifetime of the device while leading up to more repairs. Regular AC services in Layton and the surrounding area. We will help you avoid the issue.

The Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling!

Reduction in HVAC efficiency could be because of various problems. If you find that your air conditioner is not blowing cool air or cooling is not as before, you should check the air filters.

If the air filters are dirty, it will not allow the cool air to pass through them, and you will be left with hot air in your room. If you find that the reason is not an unclean air filter, immediately schedule an AC tuneup in Layton, UT, and the surrounding area.

The Rise In Electricity Bills

A surge in power bills could mean anything. It could be because of one specific electrical appliance in your kitchen that you have left on the TV to run all day. However, if the bills are abnormally high, it could be because of dirty filters.

These dirty filters will prevent the airflow causing the air conditioning unit to work hard to cool your room. As the unit runs longer, it consumes more power and results in higher bills.

Frequent Allergy Attacks

One of the main purposes of air filters is to filter the impurities, toxins, and dirt particles in the air to provide you with much cleaner air. If these filters get dirty, the dust and pollen accumulated at the filters will start to blow out and start circulating in your room. This will make you prone to allergies more frequently.

More Dust At The Air Vents

If you find more dust in the air vents than in any other place at your home, it is because of the inefficient and dirty air filters. You can perform the white sheet test to check the difference in the dust.

Whatever the sign may be, if you find that you are in dire need of air filter replacement, do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We provide AC Replacement in Layton, UT, & other HVAC services too, and the surrounding area. Call us at (801) 851-5518. You can also drop us a mail at [email protected] or [email protected]

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