If your home or light commercial facility is equipped with a mini-split system, then you probably already know that these heating and cooling systems are an excellent solution for controlling the temperature in individual rooms. You appreciate the cool air your mini-split provides in Bountiful’s scorching summers and are just as thankful that your system keeps you warm all winter.

However, some people may not realize that their mini-split system requires regular maintenance to keep operating at its best. Without routine maintenance, small issues can be overlooked. Over time, those small issues can become major problems requiring an expensive fix. Regular maintenance for your mini-split in Bountiful means maximizing its effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring its longevity.

Trust Blue Best Heating & Air in Bountiful to ensure that your mini-split receives the attention it needs so that your family gets the comfort they deserve.

Mini-split Maintenance Is Critical

All heating and cooling systems need routine maintenance from qualified technicians to keep operating as they are supposed to. However, such maintenance is especially critical for mini-splits.

Ductless mini-split systems are designed for maximum efficiency. Effectively a smaller air conditioning unit without ductwork, the mini-split is intended to cool only certain portions of the building. Free-flowing air circulation is crucial to the operation of the mini-split. If there is not sufficient air circulation around both the indoor and outdoor portions of the system, then the mini-split can’t operate as it is intended to.

How Do You Know Your Mini-Split Needs Maintenance?

Maintenance for a mini-split is simple, but it requires regular cleaning. In particular, the filter should be cleaned monthly to function properly. Dirty filters that are clogged with grime and dirt make the system struggle to get the airflow that it requires. Unless the filters and other components are cleaned regularly, money and energy are going to waste. Additionally, when your mini-split isn’t clean and well-maintained, it puts its interior components at risk of sustaining damage.

In addition to regularly cleaning the filter, your system should have regular tune-ups. Pollutants and dust are introduced over time, and it is possible for certain components to begin to show signs of wear and tear. This is why it is so important to have Blue Best Heating & Air perform mini-split maintenance at least once or twice per year. This not only provides a chance for thorough cleaning of the internal parts but also helps to diagnose any issues in their early stages.

How do you know if it’s time for professional mini-split maintenance? It turns out that there are several signs. For instance, you may have chosen a mini-split heating and cooling system because it doesn’t attract and trap pollutants and dust the way that other HVAC systems do. If you or members of your family suffer from allergies or asthma, your mini-split system may do a tremendous job of keeping allergens and irritants out of the indoor air.

That means that if you are noticing that asthma and allergy symptoms are becoming more of a problem indoors, it may be time for a maintenance visit from our team at Blue Best Heating & Air in Bountiful.

Another telltale sign that it’s time for maintenance is that your mini-split isn’t providing the same level of warming and cooling as it used to. If parts are worn or broken, the system must work overtime to get your rooms to the temperature on the thermostat.

You may also notice that your utility bills have become more expensive for no reason. With your mini-split working so hard, it puts a strain on the power source. Maybe the outdoor unit is clogged with debris in the summer or snow in the winter. This can affect the efficiency of your mini-split unit.

Some people even notice that their mini-split has begun to provide hot air when it should be cooling or cold air when it should be heating. This may indicate a problem with the reversing valve, and it’s a good reason for an immediate call to Blue Best Heating & Air.

What Do Technicians Do During Routine Maintenance?

Most mini-split heating and cooling systems require at least annual maintenance to keep operating at their best. If your unit is still under warranty, such maintenance may be required to keep that warranty in effect. Moreover, regular maintenance prolongs the life of the system and keeps it running at maximum efficiency.

When you call Blue Best Heating & Air in Bountiful to perform regular maintenance on your mini-split system, our technician will conduct a thorough inspection of all system components. Here’s a look at some of the things that our technician will examine.

Inspect and Clean

The maintenance call usually begins with an inspection of the air handler. This involves cleaning the air handler filter and the indoor air quality filter, if there is one. Our technicians also inspect the drain pan placed below the evaporator coil. Any dirt that has been collected there will impair condensation drainage. It’s also possible for mold to grow there if the water sits in the drain pan too long. Our technicians will inspect and clean the drain line, which enables condensation to drain quickly.

Our technicians remove all dust and dirt from the evaporator coil. That dust is responsible for significantly slowing the cooling process, making your home less comfortable and your energy bills skyrocket. This debris also can make the coil freeze, putting extra stress on the condenser. Our technicians also inspect the conduit line to verify that the refrigerant flow is efficient.

Our technicians also inspect and clean any electrical components in the system. This ensures that your mini-split unit will keep operating at factory standards.

The Outdoor Unit

Another part of routine annual maintenance on mini-split systems is inspecting the outdoor condenser. Our technicians clean the coils and fins that are inside the condenser. This gets rid of any vegetation and other debris that may be blocking airflow into the mini-split. When the system is set to cool, the condenser’s job is to dispel the heat the refrigerant gathers from the indoor air. Grass clippings, plant material, dust, and other debris can interfere with this process.

Our technicians further look at the insulation that protects the refrigerant lines. Exposure to outdoor elements may degrade this insulation over time. If the insulation wears away, outdoor heat can seep inside the lines, making the system less efficient.

Rely on Blue Best Heating & Air for Mini-Split Maintenance in Bountiful

Whenever you feel that your mini-split heating and cooling system isn’t performing at its best, it’s time to call in our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians. Ask us about our HVAC maintenance plans.

We perform installation and repair on a wide range of heating and cooling systems. We also offer indoor air quality services. Whether you’re having a problem with a furnace or fireplace or feel like your air conditioner isn’t operating as it used to, you can call on Blue Best Heating & Air to receive the best customer service.

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