When the time comes to install a new furnace or air conditioner, one thing you should consider is the installation and maintenance of your new unit. With that in mind, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems manufactured by Rheem Manufacturing Company and Ruud Heating and Air Conditioning should be among those at the top of your list.

Ease of Installation

Utility rooms come in all shapes, sizes, and orientations. The folks at Rheem and Ruud know this and designed their furnaces so they can be installed in multiple orientations. For instance, they can be installed in the up flow, horizontal left, or horizontal right position (this is not true with other brands).
Size is also something you should consider. Rheem and Ruud furnaces and coil cabinets tend to be shorter than other brands. Their compact size can really help when you’re dealing with limited space in a utility room or installing your new unit in an attic.
Finally, Rheem and Ruud both sell condensers (the part of your HVAC system that sits outside) that come with a built-in poly-compost base. That means you won’t have to purchase a separate base (or “pad”) for your condenser. As an added benefit, these attached bases allow dirt and rain to flow beneath them, which can eliminate the need to relevel your base in the future due to settling.


When it comes to maintenance, the current offerings from Rheem and Rudd allow a technician or homeowner to make repairs using nothing more than a quarter-inch nut driver. With this single tool, you can remove any part of the furnace for diagnosis or repair—including the drain pan or flame sensor. (The furnace cabinet can even be opened without any tools thanks to the built-in cabinet knobs installed on the outside of the unit.)
Once inside, the furnace control panel is equipped with a digital display. Unlike units from other manufacturers that transmit error codes using a series of flashes from a tiny light, the digital displays on Rheem and Ruud units will display error codes using a letter and number. You can then look-up the error code in your owner’s manual.

Additional Benefits

Maintenance and installation should not be your only considerations when picking out a new furnace and air conditioner. Some units utilize proprietary thermostats, but the units from Rheem and Ruud will work with nearly any thermostat.
Noise is another thing to consider. The furnace cabinets from Rheem and Ruud are insulated, which will help with noise reduction and efficiency.
The specialists at Blue Best Plumbing, Heating, Air, Generators have more than 20 years of experience installing all major brands of furnaces and air conditions. If you’re thinking about installing a new unit at your home along the Wasatch Front, give them a call today to learn more about whether or not a unit from Rheem or Ruud is right for you.

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