Once man discovered the need to live in a civilized shelter, soon after came the need for heat within the shelter. Over time, of course, electricity made things that much easier, and electric heaters somewhat replaced fireplaces. Modern houses are fitted with heating units which come in handy during bitterly cold seasons. However, with electric heaters, there is an imminent spike in electricity bills. There is also the possibility of power shortages in urban areas during storms.

In such cases, electric heaters would not be of much help, but fireplaces would be. Fireplaces used to be considered the center of the home, often holding sentimental, poignant memories. Unfortunately, they have sadly been forgotten when it comes to modern house designs, and so homes with fireplaces are on the decline. To revive the spirit of fireplaces in homes, there are a few reasons why you should consider getting a fireplace in your home.

When Should You Think About Getting a Fireplace?

Initially, wood-burning fireplaces were the most popular. The only problem was the smoke that would sometimes fill the house, especially when the wood had just started burning. To deal with this problem, gas fireplaces were introduced. There are also electric fireplaces that essentially just have a heating element and are, therefore, closely related to home heating units. We’ll focus on wood-burning and gas fireplaces.

Both have advantages over the other; it all boils down to what suits your home best. For example, gas fireplaces require professional maintenance, while wood-burning fireplaces do not. Gas fireplaces keep your air clean, while wood-burning fireplaces run the risk of smoking up the home. If you would prefer to have an electric fireplace for safety reasons, it’s another option to consider. Either way, there are times when getting a fireplace makes sense, as the following will explain.

When You Are Looking for an Eco-friendly Heating Alternative

“Going green” has been a slogan encouraged, emphasized, and implemented by thousands of individuals and firms, especially during times largely threatened by global warming. When you decide to have a fireplace in a home, you are considering going green. For wood-burning fireplaces, the best kind of wood to collect and burn would be from fallen and sickened trees.

When You Want to Create a Focal Point for a Room

Because they are aesthetically pleasing, fireplaces are built to draw purposeful attention to a room. They are what could transform an otherwise dull-looking room. They also give character. A brilliant architect can use the idea of a fireplace for various other purposes, such as separating two spaces in an open-plan house. For some people, it’s a deep desire to have a lovely mantel over a fireplace. This suggestion is also brought up frequently by interior designers. These mantels are generally ideal places to place family-framed pictures or vases of flowers, further increasing the character of the room.

When You Want to Give Your Home an Inviting Ambiance

More often than not, shops for home essentials dedicate aisles or corners to scented candles and incense. Among them are some that smell of burning wood. Wouldn’t it be much more pleasant to have the real thing in your home instead?

As far as wood-burning fireplaces go, the smell of burning wood is welcoming for some. Despite eliminating the burning of wood, gas fireplaces can add that distinct scent to the home. Some even come with options as diverse as potpourri.

When You Intend to Sell Your Home

When you are looking to put your house on the market, it’s important to highlight key features of the home to attract as many new homeowners as possible. Fireplaces easily catch the eye of prospective buyers, and it’s a plus if the house is in a cold, snowy area.

What makes the fireplace that much more attractive is the ability to cut down on costs. Anyone would jump at the opportunity to live in a home where they can save on utility costs.

During the Summer Time

The ideal time to think about getting a fireplace is just before winter, so that could be during the spring, summer, or fall. However, the best time is during summer, simply because the weather is good for any home renovation.

You also get the security of enough planning time in terms of choosing what kind of fireplace you want, who you’d like to install it, and so on. You can be sure that the fireplace you want will be available, too. Obviously, as it gets colder in the winter, fireplaces are bound to be difficult to find, especially if you want to have a variety of options. Moreover, you can easily schedule installations and chimney cleanings because of the availability of personnel in the summer compared to the winter.

When You Need Peace of Mind During Winter Storms

Winter storms can get pretty dangerous. Some develop and become full-fledged blizzards. During such times, it’s easy to start climbing walls and worrying about the power going out. The worst scenario is if the power goes out for an extended period of time and there is no heat source.

Generators could be used to power the house and supply heat. Sadly, they are expensive to purchase and run. Thankfully, having a fireplace could solve such a problem. Heat would be the least of your problems as you are electrically independent. Cuddling up with your family around the warm fire during the winter season is also great family bonding time.

When You Need an Alternate Source of Heat for Cooking

As mentioned before, fireplaces are helpful in events of blackouts. They are not just a source of heat for the house but could alternatively be used as a source of heat for cooking or warming.

It is a campfire tradition to roast marshmallows around a fire. You can similarly do the same over the fire burning in a fireplace, especially if you have kids and want to do something fun with them. You could also heat coffee or hot chocolate to beat the cold.

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The above reasons show that having a fireplace in your room could be a great idea. Plus, you’ll have the option to choose between either a wood-burning one or a gas fireplace. Alternatively, you could choose an electric fireplace.

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